Apr 20, 2012

guess, guess, guess... how much is this tea?

I'm drinking this tea now and will write more about it. But before writing more, I just want to ask this question to you, how much do you guess a 125g (4.6oz.) pack of this tea is?

I'm not trying to trick you, and you won't be punished for wrong answers :-p Pictures can't tell everything about a tea. But it's only a guess! So just take a guess! I promise I will tell more about this tea, and I thought your responses will help me frame what I'm going to write!

Dry leaves:
(you can click photos to enlarge them)

So far I've had about 6 infusions. When it steeps for half a minute in an earlier infusion, it looks like this:
(no filter used)

When I let it steep for several minutes in a later infusion, it looks like this. 

I'm still continuing with it.

Some hints:
1. It's not expensive by 99% of the people's definition - I guess :-)
2. It's not torturing me - you probably could tell from the number of infusions I've already had :-)

So, take a guess! :-D


Anonymous said...

59.90 PER LB

Gingko said...

Thank you for the quick guess :-)
Please specify currency unit as well :-)

Petr Novák said...

Ok, I like games:) My guesses ?
it is roasted TGY, maybe few years old. If, as you said, it is not expansive (in this category it can means many things :) then for 125g it will be somewhere between 20-30usd so my shot is 25...

Scott F said...

My guess is US$12 for 125g. Why? I would expect to pay about $4/oz. for a good but not exceptional oolong, so that's $17.60... but since you say nearly all of us will consider it inexpensive, I'd expect it to cost significantly less.

But then, a price relates to a transaction - it's not associated permanently with a product. So I would also ask, are we talking about the price imported directly from China, or from an American retailer, or what?

MarshalN said...

$10 USD for a kilo

Israel said...

$5 USD per 125g.

sparris said...


Gingko said...

Thanks guys for your responses! Your guesses all made me think!

Petr, it's very true that "not expensive" can "mean many things", especially in "this category" :-D

Scott F, Chinese price or American price, that's a good question! I bought this in China and paid Chinese price. I don't know if it's available in the States, and think potentially it can be made available (not by me but has to be by some very large operation) in the States for a price 1.5-2 times of its Chinese price - that's just my rough estimation and I will explain later how I came to this figure :-)

the_skua said...

I'm going to go with cheap. :)

What the hell is it? It's some odd looking oolong to me.