Jan 2, 2012

my favorite green tea of 2011

I got a small pack of this tea and fell in love with it. This tea is called "white plum flower mountain peak" (白梅花尖), name after its production area, which is a mountain top with a lot of white plum flower trees. It's a beautiful name for both tea and a place! And you know I love plum flowers!

This tea is from an area right next to the producing region of Huang Shan Mao Feng. The appearance of this tea is quite similar to Huang Shan Mao Feng too, due to the similar processing techniques used. But this tea has a lot of nice nuances, floral, herbal, incense, and something subtle and mysterious that I had never experienced before. I only got a small pack of the first flush harvest. Then the friend who gave it to me said he thought 2nd flush is the best. This just kills me, as I don't know yet if I can get more of this tea next year.

Probably we have to face a fact that there are more teas in this world than we could ever get hold of... So what can we do? Enjoy what we have and keep dreaming for more...