Mar 6, 2009

An ordinary Feng Huang Shui Xian

Recently I got a bunch of Feng Huang oolong samples from Chao Zhou. This is the least expensive one, and highly recommended by the supplier as "farmer's choice". Actually if this tea were transported in pounds, the shipping cost will be higher than cost of the tea. So I got some sample purely for sampling purpose and don't think I could have it shipped in bulk in future. In China, a sample typically has 50g-100g. So this 50g "sample" can last quite several sessions :D

In spite of its low price (<$20 per lb.), I like it very much. It's made with lighter than traditional roasting - so it could be called medium roast I guess. It has a vivid "tea flavor" as typically found in traditional roast Feng Huang oolong, but it also has some floral fragrance as found in light roast Dan Cong. Overall its flavor may not be as rich or strong as some more expensive tea, but I totally like it. Many Feng Huang oolongs can easily go for more than 20 infusions. If this tea can only go for 12 infusions, I don't see it as a problem haha...

Tea tasting is a very subjective feeling. Sometimes I don't get same level of pleasure from a tea more than 10 times of this price.

Dry leaves

Warm up

1st infusion

2nd infusion

3rd infusion

Wet leaves