Jul 20, 2009

green tea pop ice and green tea latte

I love making pop ice! This one is made with green tea powder, light cream, water and maple sugar. RS thinks it's too icy but not creamy enough. But I love it just as it is. Commercial pop ice is creamy just due to starch and other cheap ingredients in it.

I am not at all a fan of matcha, but I love those desserts made with green tea powder!

I like this green tea powder product from Asian grocery. It's labeled "matcha" on the package but it's really just green tea powder. But it's fine enough to be used in desserts. It's about $7 for half a pound. I don't think I could ever possibly finish this big pack.

Using the same green tea powder product, I like making green tea latte too. Besides green tea powder, only milk and sugar (or honey or maple sugar) are needed.

With the electric milk froth maker, "bubble green tea" can be made, with rich foam.