Jul 26, 2009

partially glazed kyusu


Salsero said...

Is this actually glazed? It seems that a lot of Japanese pots that look glazed to me turn out not to be glazed, just fired with a special technique, application, or clay that makes some or all of it look shiny.

BTW, this is a very beautiful pot. Where did you find it?

Gingko said...

Ah! Actually it could be some fire effect as you said. I am not sure. I checked out the surface again, and could feel a border like thin glaze, but I have no idea if this made with glazing or some other technique. This is a consignment piece from a friend of mine. I saw a teapot similar to this at hibiki-an.com, similar color but not exactly the same. I love this pattern and almost wanted to buy it, but this size (>400ml) is too big for me.