Aug 1, 2009

vegetarian baked buns

Made them as party finger food!

The wrap is made from frozen packed buttermilk biscuit dough. Each dough is made into 1 wrap. I used to make steam buns with these doughs and they work fine. Recently I tried for the first time bake, instead of steam, the buns, so that it's more suitable for parties.

The biscuit doughs are not the healthiest food though. For steamed buns in meals, now I've switched to home-made (with bread machine) doughs. These buttery doughs are convenient for parties and are rich of flavor as appetizers.

The stuffing is vegetarian, with Chinese cabbage, a bit celery, and a bit rehydrated shitaki mushrooms. Green vegetables are chopped with an electric food processor - not the best way but I don't have a large enough cut board (or the energy) to manually chop them - and then, they need to be squeezed in cheese cloth to have water content removed.

Eggs scrambled in vegetable oil. Minced rehydrated thin green bean vermicelli. All mixed together with salt and sesame oil.

The final products. 425F for 20 minutes. This kind of wraps change color fast in the last a few minutes. I would watch the oven in the last a few minutes to make sure they turn golden but not over burnt.