Apr 5, 2012

top 10 search keywords in this blog

It was only recently that I discovered that blogspot has this "statistics" function and can track "traffic sources" of blogs. It's quite interesting to look into it! On the "traffic source" page, there is a list of top 10 search keywords. My understanding is, these are the keywords that lead people to my blog when they carried out a web search with them. I'm not sure if this understanding is correct, and some of the search key words really puzzled me!

The first one in the list, or the number 1 search keyword... I almost didn't want to tell you, and feel somewhat embarrassed by it! But I will go ahead and tell you anyway. It's a phrase - "real human skull". When I first saw it, I was like, "what???" Ok, I do remember I wrote one (and only one!) blog with an image of human skull. But it puzzles me why people would search for "real human skull" and how they are led to my blog for 65 times :-p

The second one is "petr novak". This is a little surprising to me but not entirely surprising. I remember the first time when I looked for Petr Novák's tea ware, I searched it online and visited quite a few websites that contain information about it. I guess that's what other people are doing too!

The third one is "jin jun mei". That's quite out of my expectation. I wrote about Jin Jun Mei only once and I'm not crazy about this tea (although I did enjoy those two that I wrote about). I guess that's a tea many people want to know about yet there aren't many information sources of it. 

The fourth one is, hmm... again, "infraorbital foramen", a surface anatomy on human skull, mentioned only once in that skull post. I wonder what's going on with skull search!

The fifth and sixth one are 2 slightly different spellings of "yong xi huo qing". I love this tea and wrote about it once.

The seventh is "jiu keng group long jing". Actually I had thought Long Jing would be the most searched for tea. Yet it's topped by Jin Jun Mei and Yong Xi Huo Qing on the list. I guess it's because there are already many discussions on Long Jing and not as many on the other two teas.

The eight is kamjove - the convenient gongfu teapot.

The ninth is "mango milk tea".

The tenth is gingkobay.blogspot.com, the web address of this blog.

It's quite interesting and few of them were what I had expected!

What are the top search keywords on your blog? Or what kind of web search leads you to blogs?


Anonymous said...

That is very interesting! I'm going to do a search for human skull now too just to see if it finds you :)

I've never checked mine but since you asked... my top ten are: 1. black dragon tea bar, 2. how long does tea last, 3. ba bao cha, 4. black dragon tea, 5. tea bar, 6. bike in tree, 7. 1725 tea, 8. blackdragonteabar.blogspot.com, 9. 1725 tie guan yin, 10. kombucha

(much more boring than yours!)

Gingko said...

Hi, you must be Brett! This has just reminds me of this question - the 88 bao cha you posted in April last year, was it a joke or real? The curiosity is unbearable! :-p

Brett said...

Yep. I'm Brett and I actually have no idea why my comment was anonymous!?!


Alex Zorach said...

Okay, you set an example...stay tuned for my post, but it's only going to be a top 5, not 10.

In my post, I will explain why the apparent randomness of search terms doesn't surprise me much!

Gingko said...

Brett, good to know the answer finally! (I suspected it later but had no doubt at the first glance :-p)

Alex, look forward to it! Sometimes I even suspect google search system is wrong. But I guess there is small chance that google is wrong :-p

Petr Novák said...

Hi Gingo,

I am in good company- between human skull and not so great jin jun mei ha ha ha, really funny for me. My list includes eight variations of my name and name of my blog...then there is "ash glaze" and "chawangshop". So it is probably not so surprising as in your case.

Enjoy your day

Maria said...

This was lovely thanks for sharing