Jan 10, 2011

How do you brew your green tea?

1. In a glass - you know that's my favorite vessel for green tea :-D It's easy and it has a view!

2. Sometimes a wine glass :-D I don't notice much difference between a wine glass and a glass mug. But a wine glass makes the tea session feel special!

3. Sometimes a very small glass. This 2 oz. double layer glass from Amazon is very cute. I use it for everything, tea, coffee, grand marneir... It's great for ball-shaped tea that's ready to sink to the bottom.

4. Sometimes a shot glass. Still looking for a tall shot glass for Tai Pin Hou Kui!

5. In a bowl - I like this way too and like holding a tea bowl, easy and comfortable...

6. In a gaiwan - I like it, but then I would need to use both of my hands, while glass/tea bowl requires only one hand :-D But I like gaiwan for Long Jing, which typically has leaves floated on the surface, and you can always use gaiwan lid to wave away the leaves.

7. In a yixing - I rarely used a yixing for green tea...

...until I got this cutest Duan Ni teapot. Its 180ml volume and narrow spout makes it insuitalbe for most of my oolong or sheng puerh. I am worried red tea would stain Duan Yi to a dirty color. As for shu puerh, I won't use any cute teapot for shu! It's very rare that I would change my drinking habit to fit a vessel. But that happens!

8. In a kyusu - I rarely use a kyusu for Chinese green tea, mainly because I love glass vessels. I would love to have a few more porcelain kyusu between 150ml and 250ml though. Currently I have a few above 300ml. I love them but seldom really use them.

9. In a water bottle - I do it a lot in summer, mostly with cold water, and sometimes warm water in a heat-tolerant bottle.

10. For few times when the tea should be drained after each infusion, without a gaiwan or teapot, I did this too... in a very clumsy way...

How about you? :-D


Alex Zorach said...

I really like being able to see the tea leaves when brewing in a glass cup or mug, and I must credit you with inspiring me to do so!


Petr Novák said...

In woodfired shiboridahsi, of course:)

Marlena said...

I have a brand new tiny glass teapot with an infuser. My new go to green pot. I actually got inspired by your love of glass for green, also. Happy American New Year to you and yours.

Gingko said...

Alex and Marlena, I am glad to see more people enjoying glass ware!

Petr, I will try it very soon! Shortly after I am back home from vacation, I got the package from darjeeling.cz with your minijapan shiboridashi. How excited I am! :-D

SimpliciTEA said...

You have lots of creative ideas of what vessel to drink tea in; I love the wineglass idea. I will have to try it sometime. You always do such a great job with your pictures (I notice how each picture of the vessels is taken on a different surface, i.e. bamboo, wood, stone), and you must have quite a collection of tea-ware!