Jan 25, 2011

blog sale: Petr Novák tea ware

The sale is for fellow bloggers and readers in the States, and is not for profit. Price of each piece is price I paid at darjeeling.cz (including 20% VAT tax) + a fraction of shipping & handling from Czech to US (5 euro). US domestic shipping for each piece is $7 (insurance included). $2 shipping for each additional piece.
All summed up, it's probably the best price, one-time deal one can get in the States for Petr Novák tea ware, minus the painful, long waiting for inter-continental shipping! I hope this is an opportunity for more people to enjoy Petr's work. Meantime it will allow me to make better decisions about what types of Petr's tea ware to carry in future at Life in Teacup (yes that's the plan!) Feedbacks and suggestions will be highly appreciated. 

People out of the US may consider contacting Petr Novák himself, as well as darjeeling.cz

If interested, please email to gingkoheight at gmail com in two weeks. First come, first serve.

All photos can be clicked into large images. Prices are in USD.
1. Shiboridashi set. Sold.
The shibo holds about 110-120ml, with a diameter of 4.25"

2. Houhin and cup - orange. Sold.
Houhin holds about 130ml (150 to the top rim), with a diameter of 4"

3. Teapot grey-orange. 
It holds about 165ml.

There is a dent on the bottom rim of the lid. It's not a defect. But please be aware of it. 

4. Tea set - light. Sold.
The teapot holds about 145ml.

Following teacups are from another source and have very little international shipping factored in!

5. Prairie Hay teacup. Sold.
Height: 2"; Diameter: 4.25"

 6. "Snakeskin" teacup. Sold.
Height: 2"; Diameter: 4"


Alex Zorach said...

These are beautiful!

Marlena said...

I can't buy any teaware at the moment, but these are very beautiful and innovative.

Gingko said...

Yeah they are beautiful and different from the tea wares I had in the past. I am eager to show them around to my Chinese friends and North American friends, and find out what they think :D

Buy Tea Accessories said...

These are awesome pieces. Very different from the typical tea accessories.

Tina said...

Beautiful peices. They are still in very good condition. I love the teapot.