Jan 2, 2011

2006 Meng Ku Rong Shi sheng tuo, Korean Export

These tuos were made by Meng Ku Rong Shi to fulfill a special order of a Korean tea company. What I've got are the extras in the production. The tuos are wrapped with blank wrap but bear inner label of Meng Ku Rong Shi company. The leaf materials are early spring leaves and buds from Shi Tou Shan.

The tuo and dry leaves - the first impression I've got from this tea is, it's very, very clean.

The tea liquor is very clear, without much dusts or "pulp".

The taste is bright, fragrant and sweet. In a few weeks last month, it was my favorite tea. Overall I didn't feel its taste blew me away. But for some reason, every time I wanted some Sheng puerh, I always reached for it. This pleasant tea attracts me a lot!

Then, there is this old question. What's the future of this tea? To me, its current pleasant taste is no less attractive than "aroma of age". But will its taste last well through years of storage?

Leaves and buds are lovely! And so clean!

Puerh is adored by many Koreans. Some Korean tea professionals make great contributions in modern puerh research and education. The famous puerh teaching set from Taiwan Wu Shing Publishing company (http://www.tearoma.us/product/pu-erh-tea-learning-material) was made with cooperation of Korean and Taiwanese tea professionals.


Anonymous said...

Are the leaves from a plantation or wild arbor? ancient? Thanks!

Gingko said...

Hola from San Cristobal :D
The leaves are from arbor tree, but I don't think it's wild arbor. I will have to check my purchase message to find out the age of the trees. Usually ancient tree only means the tree is over 100 years old (or close), unless direct age information is obtained from the producer :D

Petr Novák said...

Nice and interesing post, GIngo.

I have been in Korea for three times now and each year I saw more and more Puer tea over tea houses and tea people there. And each Puer I have tasted there was really good. It was interesting how Puer passion grow there.


Gingko said...

Petr, I want to visit Korea too! Last time when I was in Beijing, my Korean friends took me to a teahouse in Maliandao (the tea shopping center in Beijing) owned by a Korean and managed by a Korean Chinese. It has fabulous teas and tea ware, and is said to be adored by a lot of Koreans living in Beijing.