Nov 19, 2010

2010 Wuyi Shui Xian

A friend of mine once said if a tea makes you want to infuse it again and again, till the aroma fades into a sweet water taste and you never want to end the session, then it must be a great tea. That's what I feel about this Shui Xian.

Most Wuyi producers would not release a tea before letting the fire fade for a few months. By now the tea is already mild enough to drink. The first a few infusions still bear a hint of "fire taste", but to a nice degree, for this season.

The later infusions are smooth yet strong. It's the strength of this tea that makes me understand the historical record of Wuyi tea - "Every family proudly speak of their tea aged for two years..."

The tea started with dark, chocolate color dry leaves, and ended with dark green color spent leaves with red edges.

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