Nov 22, 2010

2009 Nan Mei Village Sheng

Tasting notes on this tea was posted on Steepster

Puerh is probably already the tea category that's easiest to be tracked by companies/producers. However, big factory puerh is only a small part of the scene. I hope I am not messing up Steepster's system by putting up a lot of tea products made by "unknown" :-p

It's a tea sample. Normally I would drink a 1-year-old sheng only when it comes free :-D But actually this tea is very drinkable and not harsh at all. I am glad I've got it.

I started drinking without paying much attention, only thinking I would get rid another sample. Then it really pleased me with very sugary flavor and great after taste. So at the end, I spent quite some time appreciating the leaves.

According to historical record, puerh won love of the mandarins in Beijing some 300 hundred years ago. I imagine most of them were Manchurian who had a lot of meat and dairy in their diet (isn't that partially why we love puerh today!). Even then, I have a hard time relating some puerh to tribute tea for the royal families. As for this Nan Mei tea, I have no problem imagining it as a tribute tea. Great leaves, friendly taste, lingering aroma and sweetness. The Emperor would love it!

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