Oct 25, 2015

30 packs of free tea to give away to US and Canada

My apologies for not having been writing much on the blog and for failing to respond to some of your emails! I have a lot to write about tea (more than 100 half-way drafted blog posts in my folder...) but ended up spending time on some other things.

In this coming week, I would like to offer 30 packs of tea to tea drinkers in the US and Canada. Below are the explanations of this activity.

Recently I have made a wish to give, as part of my personal spiritual practice. I thought of what I could offer, and to whom. Unfortunately, I don't have many useful skills to offer. And fortunately, I have tea to offer, and would like to offer it to people who would enjoy tea.

Tea to offer:
I will send each participant a pack of tea for free. The participant could choose any type of tea from our web store (www.lifeinteacup.com). The tea will be in its usual pre-packed size (size varies, and ranges from 20-30g). For the sake of sending out all tea in a timely manner, I will not customize pack size in this activity.
Please feel free to choose any tea you desire, and don't worry about the official price of the tea. I fully understand that the real giving means giving good stuff and giving something the recipient would truly enjoy. 
If by any chance the tea asked for is not available, I will discuss with the participant to figure out a replacement (usually a tea of similar type).

My apologies to people in other countries. This time the gifts are limited to addressees in US and Canada.

To claim the gift:
Please email me at gingkoheight @ gmail 。com (email address broken to prevent robot mails, please sort out the email address before sending your email), with your address information (US tea drinkers, please don't send any phone number; Canadian tea drinkers, phone number is optional, only if you would like to have your phone number on the shipping label).

Interested participant please email me as soon as possible. This event will open till all 30 gifts are claimed, or till the end of October 29th. After October 29th, if there are remained gift slots, I will give them to people near home.
I will do the packing during my spare time, and will mail out all gifts before mid-November.

Additional notes:
* This gifting activity is my personal behavior and will not affect future pricing of lifeinteacup.com
* Thank you in advance for participating! Helping me fulfill my wish of tea gifting is your precious gift to me!


Ivan Lev said...
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Ivan Lev said...

Sad about limited geography of shipping :(
Happy for the lucky ones ;)

Bren Murphy said...

Sharing tea is such an awesome way to connect - inspired!

the life coach

Unknown said...

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Vinson Danish said...

Sharing tea is such an awesome way to connect - inspired!
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