Dec 31, 2008

Let it be a BULL year!

It's not Lunar new year yet. But holiday season has started, and will go all the way till mid-February (and that's very modest, compared with the old times). Here is a festival calendar I try to make every year, full of excuses for festivities haha... I would always print copies (with one-side clean recycled paper as possible) to share with friends and colleagues.

To make a one-page handout, this is a very simplified summary of the festivals. To visualize a more complete version, just imagine 20 times more holidays, 100 more food festivities (especially the dumpling, it's everywhere), and, of course in traditional time, a few dozens more ancestor worshiping days. Haha...

Some of my English interpretations of Asian Festivals look somewhat weird, I know... But I've tried my best!

Please click the calendar picture to enlarge.

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