Dec 27, 2008

Traditional medium roast dong ding oolong (正味中熟凍頂)

Dry loose tea leaves:

First infusion:

Second infusion:

Wet leaves:

Spent leaves:


Salsero said...

Mmmm, nice pix! How many infusions did this go? The tea liquor looks smooth and rich with the roast. Does the tea come from an online vendor or is it a special acquisition?

Gingko said...

Nice to see you here :D
I got it from a vendor in Guangdong, China (there are a bunch of them in Guangdong dealing with Taiwan oolong). I normally go for 7 infusions, but for the last 2, the flavor is not as intense as previous ones. I like it very much (probably largely due to the winter season). But it does have a hint of smokey flavor that I would rather not have. It has large portion of stems attached to tea leaves, but the curled tea leaf "balls" look very healthy.