Dec 3, 2008

Kenya mamri CTC loose leaf black tea

This tea is from high mountain region of Kenya. It is made in CTC (meaning "cut, tear, curl" style). It has very strong, awakening flavor, and therefore excellent for breakfast or for winter time.

Most people use English style for this tea, with 1-2 teaspoons of tea in 1 mug of hot boiling water, and brew for 3 minutes. Add sugar or milk as you wish. This tea gives a very pleasant warm floral flavor, especially when you use a mug, instead of a teapot. For black tea, some people would like sugar or milk added when they feel bitter flavor. But for the best black tea, like this one, it won't turn bitter as long as it doesn't stay long in a hot covered pot of water or not made too concentrated. Then you won't need sugar or milk. Without additives, you will better experience its unique floral fragrance and many layers of subtle flavor. I personally like using 1 teaspoon in 1 mug of hot water. And for this tea, I would go for at least 3 infusions, sometimes even more. One serving of tea last a whole morning for me.

For some quick good information about Kenya tea, here is a good site:

Loose leaf CTC style:

In cup:


Whizz Herald said...

Crush, tear, frizz (every now and then reduce, tear, curl) is a technique regarding era fuscous tea among as the ... Today, close to fuscous teas born use the Black CTC Tea method and the closely associated rotovane enthusiast manufacture.

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