Feb 10, 2009

Tea Calendar - Teas to look foward to all year around

Just for fun. I sorted out some notes and summarized tea time around the 24 annual solar terms. It's only possible to include a small number of teas, mostly those I am interested in :D The summary table definitely needs to be polished and more information needs to be added in.

Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar with indications of sun motion. There are 24 days in Chinese calendar marking the 24 solar terms throughout a year. Their dates stay *almost* the same year by year on western calendar, which is a solar calendar. The 24 solar term marks directed a lot of agricultural activities in traditional society of China, including tea cultivation.

A lot of good information about the 24 solar terms can be found at wikipedia:

Most solar term names in following table are consistent with above wiki information, with a few different.

Some additional notes:

* Date may vary by 1 day.

** There are variations due to climate changes and early growth new varietals.

*** The notes focus on climatic changes and agricultural events (with large variations existing across the country).

**** Start of Spring, Start of Summer, Start of Autumn, and Start of Winter are 4 of the Solar Term days that mark the start of seasons. However, when each of them comes, most part of the country is still in the previous season.

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