Feb 6, 2009

High Mountain Zhi Lan (Iris and Orchid?) Flavor Dan Cong (高山芝蘭單欉)

I am not sure what "Zhi Lan" is in English. Google translate says (iris and orchid). The flower is something like this:

As many other Dan Cong, this is named after a plant, with its fragrance mimicking that plant.

I like it very much. It has non-aggressive yet long-lasting fragrance.

First infusion:

Second infusion:

Third infusion, with leaves still tight:
I guess I did a dozen infusions or more. There was still subtle flavor left, but it got late and I ran out of time. For this tea, I think 8 or more infusions should be done in order not to be wasteful. I used 5 seconds for the first 7 infusions, then 10 seconds for the following a few. But I was being conservative. I somewhat felt slightly longer infusion time should be fine as well.

The end. As a high mountain varietal, it has leaves nice and tight till the end.

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