Feb 27, 2009

Mt. Wu Dong Old Bush Shui Xian

A nice dark oolong that lasts forever. It's not the floral fragrant kind, but very rich and warm.

It has great hui gan (sweet aftertaste). Talking about sweet aftertaste, I don't really like the kind of tea that leaves obvious sweet taste in the mouth. This tea has the kind of sweet aftertaste that I like. You won't feel much sweetness afterwards, but just feel soothed. Then if you drink some plain water after having this tea, the water tastes pleasantly sweet.

Even though many people recommend longer infusion time for darker roast dan cong, I've found for people like me, who can't handle too strong tea, shorter infusion time (less than 8 seconds for the first seveal infusions) and smaller amount of tea (1/4 teapot or gaiwan) would work perfectly.

Dry leaves:

1st infusion

2nd infusion

3rd infusion

5th infusion and leaves

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