Nov 24, 2012


This is not about tea. But, happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Here are some things that I'm thankful for...

It's so blissful to know that baby Easton is getting out of the hospital and going home for the first time in his life on this Friday!
Baby Easton is my friend's friend's nephew. He was born in August of this year with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It's a dangerous and painful diseases and the treatment is very expensive. A couple of months ago, I made a small donation and have been getting updates of the baby from a kind cousin of his. Today I'm so happy to learn that the baby was ready to go home on Friday. Here is the photo of the baby having a test drive on his car seat! His little face was covered by small scars. But he looks so much better than a few months ago, and he looks cute and strong!

I'm thankful for baby Easton getting so much better. And I'm thankful for being included in the campaign to help baby Easton. It feels great to get involved in a good battle, and win it!

Besides, learning about this painful condition of EB makes me think that everyone of us should be thankful for being born with complete skin on us! There are so many things that we take for granted, yet each of them is a precious blessing!

Baby Easton's family still needs more support for his future treatment. If you are interested in learning more about baby Easton, here is the facebook page of Support Baby Easton (this is the information page with text only, and I have to warn you that the main page has some heart-wrenching photos as the EB disease is very dreadful).

Here is the donation page on facebook if you have a few dollars to spare for baby Easton.


Besides this, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. There have been a lot of good teas, a lot of people giving me unique teas, and a lot of people making me feel my tea work is fun and worthy.

I'm also very lucky to have a few great mentors who gave me enormous help in my study and career. This is a year of numerous changes in my life. Most of these days I'm too occupied to think about tea (and guilty of slow responses to correspondence from tea friends...) But as always, tea is what I have in my hands when I try to slow down for a few moments, when I day dream, when I contemplate on my past and future, and when I have deep gratitude for what life has to offer.

I do enjoy my fully-occupied life at this moment, and I've got to savor every moment of it.   Meantime, I expect to have more free time after these a few months, and would then spend more time with tea and tea friends :-)

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