Jan 30, 2010

Old Bush Wuyi Shui Xian (武夷老欉水仙)with broken leaves

This is one of my favorite inexpensive tea, from one of my favorite suppliers. When its package arrived, I was instantly driven mad by how the tea was packed. It was no fault of the supplier. She packed all this tea in individual 8g small packs, which is a common practice, especially when the tea is semi-precious. I don't favor this way of packing, but don't detest it either. The problem is, our new shipping agent, who obviously doesn't care much about tea, spread these little 8g packs all over the parcel, so they literally served as cushions. And of course the tea leaves are largely broken.

I took 2 small packs, sifted the tea over the sink to get enough leaves for one tea session. The powder and crumbs fell into the sink, touched the water and smelt intoxicating. What a pity! Maybe next time I will save all the crumbs and make them into teabags.

To my joyful surprise, the tea is not a bit bitter, even with broken leaves. I've seen some wonderful Wuyi and Dan Cong teas that were devastated into bitterness and astringency when leaves are broken. Fortunately it's not the case for this tea.


First infusion:

Fifth infusion:

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TeaCast said...

Very nice pictures! Very enjoyable :)