Nov 1, 2008

My last bit of 2007 Dong Ding Oolong (Frozen Peak Oolong, 凍頂烏龍)

This is the tea that almost made me cry (I mean, in a happy way). Dong Ding (Frozen Peak) Oolong is not new to me. But this one still shocked me with its high quality. In the first a couple of infusions, its milky buttery (well these words are not exact, but what else to use?) taste would always catch my full attention. I can't have my dong ding oolong and do anything else or think about anything else, because it is so good and it has entirely got me!

The 2007 Dong Ding Oolong I got from Wu Yu Tai Teahouse is a memorable one! I am finishing the last bit.

Spent leaves

Wet leaves

First infusion

Dry loose leaves

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