Mar 24, 2010

2010 Shincha News (4)

2010 Shincha News (3) is here.

The first flush pre-Qing Ming (Qing Ming is around April 5 on western calendar) high mountain Da Fo Long Jing has just been harvested! We are excited and looking forward to this tea arriving here in a few weeks!

After the disastrous snow in early March, the weather turned warm and normal soon in Zhejiang province. Tea quality is maintained stable, while overall production of Zhejiang green teas is predicted to drop.

A few weeks ago, right after the snow in southeastern China, I asked a green tea plantation owner if the overall market price would increased a lot this year. He said, "Whether or not there is upswing in prices, it's not up to tea farmers." There is much to think about his words! Good news is, the small tea factory harvests tea leaves right from their own plantation, hence doesn't suffer from increased raw tea leaves costs. Lower tea production will cause a gap between supply and demand. But we expect to experience minimum market impacts on Da Fo Long Jing, because the tea is directly from plantation to factory, and then, to us.

Hangzhou Long Jing (including Xi Hu Long Jing, Shi Feng Long Jing and Mei Jia Wu Long Jing) start to hits the market these a few days. And there is more to come!

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