Dec 6, 2009

Ben Shan Oolong (本山)Traditional Processing

So far this is the best Ben Shan I've had. Nowadays when most market focus goes to Tie Guan Yin, Ben Shan carefully made like this is very rarely seen. What's even more unique about this Ben Shan is its traditional processing (medium fermentation plus other traditional procedures), which is very rare in Southern Fujian nowadays either for Tie Guan Yin or other oolongs.

What's great about traditional processing is, due to the medium fermentation, the tea last very well, and taste may even evolve a bit in the next 1-2 years. No fridge preservation is needed (actually room temperature is recommended). Besides, the spent leaves are more complete and pretty, in contrast to the more broken leaves in modern Southern Fujian oolongs.

Dry leaves

2nd infusion

5th infusion

Spent leaves

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