Jan 27, 2009

First tea party of this year & a gift

Who is that lucky one in the poll to have one tea party every week OR MORE? :D

I had only 2 tea parties last year - not many tea drinkers around, people are busy, tea drinkers are mostly somewhat introvert... I guess these are why. But will try to have more tea gathering this year. Just because we are somewhat introvert, we should try harder reaching out for each other :D In fact, preparing a tea party is so much easier than other kinds of parties, and the food/drink is generally healthier.

And I got this nice gift from a friend. It's Meng Ding Snow Bud (or Meng Ding Yellow Bud, 蒙頂雪芽)! The tea leaves are so adorable, as its flavor. I could stare at the leaves for a long, long time! It's quite green for a yellow tea, but I guess, that's the trend in recent years.


Salsero said...

I always love your photos. Seems to me you have a thing about green tea floating in glass! It's is pretty.

Gingko said...

Thanks :D I got a convenient camera last year, which works well for my obsession on leaf shape:-p Great thing about digital age is I can take a lot of poor pictures without feeling guilty of wasting resources :-p

Salsero said...

Gotta love that digital age!