Oct 10, 2008

roasted barley tea (mugicha, boricha, 大麥茶)

Roasted barley tea, is also called mugicha (in Japan) or boricha (in Korea). It is one of the favorite beverages of eastern Asia. In the west, it has the reputation of "oriental coffee", because its unique roast taste resembles light roast coffee in certain way. However, barley tea is entirely CAFFEINE FREE! It is made of 100% natural barley seeds. The roasted barley seeds are in dark brown color (as showed on the left of the picture). The brewed barley tea is showed on the right of the picture.

It is a great winter-night warm drink, as well as excellent summer beverage when served cold! To make hot barley tea, simply pour hot water on the roasted barley seeds (1 teaspoon per mug or 1 table spoon per pot) and wait for a few minutes. Then all barley seeds will sink to the bottom and the barley is ready! You may use a tea infuser or tea ball to hold the barley seeds but it's not a must.

Barley tea can be brewed for multiple times. I usually brew it for at least 3 times to allow it to release all its rich flavor.

If you prefer ice barley tea, simply take 1 tablespoon of the roasted barley seeds, brew them in a tea pot repetitively for 3 times, collect the tea, put it in a big jar, add ice and store it in the fridge!

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