Sep 19, 2008

What tea wares do you keep in your office?

Mine include:
(I normally drink rose bud, red tea, oolong tea and jasmine green tea in office)
1. A teapot with built-in filter, for herbal tea and red tea - bought from tjmaxx for around $10-15

2. A water boiler, plastic, but no plastic odor, yeah! - bought from target for less than $10

3. A taiwanese modern style tea pot, which has two layers and allow you to separate brewed tea from tea leaves. I use this for my expensive oolong tea and only when I have time to enjoy.

4. Three tiny tea cups (around 2inch in diameter and 1inch in height) for oolong tea to treat friends and myself.

5. A fabric placemat - bought from target for 1 or 2 bucks.

6. A mug for a quick treatment of jasmine green tea.

7. A small tray (6inch by 6inch) to put my tea cups on.

8. A used plastic tofu tray (4inch by 5inch) to hold cups and small pots when carrying them to sink for washing - was a package of tofu from grocery

9. A small wooden tea spoon and a small pair of wooden tongs to grab loose tea leaves

10. A half-gallon thermo-pot - bought from tjmaxx for around $15

My office is tiny. All above (excluding the water boiler and the thermo-pot) occupy 1/3 of a small drawer.

How about you?

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