Sep 27, 2008

Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong (永春佛手)

Edited in 02/10

My bond with oolong started from love at first sight. Then for many times, different varietals of oolong gave me nice surprises. It took me a long time to find a product of Yongchun Fo Shou. The origin of Fo Shou tea cultivar is a mystery. Many people say it was obtained by engrafting tea tree with Fo Shou (bergamot) tree - before I got my Fo Shou oolong, just this idea of engrafting fascinated me. Bergamot is from the plant family of Rutaceae, genus citrus. Most of my favorite fragrant essential oils are from this family! The engrafting theory of Fo Shou oolong has never been proved. But the characteristics of this tea do remind the fragrance of Fo Shou fruits.

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