Oct 10, 2008

Rose bud

The rose buds make excellent herbal tea. Great for autumn and winter nights due to their warming effect. Loved by women all over the world for their fragrance and beauty effects.

To brew the rose bud herbal tea, put rose buds in a mug or pot, brew with hot water for a few minutes. 2-4 rose buds for a mug, or 6-8 rose buds for a large tea pot. They can be brewed repetitively for 3 or more times to release all the flavor and nutrients.

Rose bud is one of my personal favorites. It has great warming effect on me. I love to have it hot, sometimes just rose bud alone, sometimes with goji or longan. I have it plain, while some friends of mine like to put honey or maple syrup in their rose bud tea.

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